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Mom was an artist. In 1st grade when asked what I wanted to be when i grew up my answer was " an artist". I wanted to be like my mom. I didn't know exactly what that meant at the time. My mother did out door signs , hand painted, for a living because portraits in oils were not a hot seller at the time.I knew I was proud of her. And I knew I loved drawing and crafting and painting. Art day was my favorite at school.


Early 90's

Jump ahead to middle school. In 1992 I found Batman. I mean I FOUND him. Batman the animated series aired and I had been oblivious to superheroes before that time. My drawings had relegated themselves to other fantasy images. But when Batman happened, everything shifted. I was a child obsessed. I loved him in a way that made him more like an imaginary friend. I drew him all the time.Every day. Then I started writing fan fiction with a friend. This was when I decided I would work in comics ( still a dream) .


By High school I had spent many hours along side my mother, helping with her sign company. I got to paint some superheroes once for a local comic book shop. I wanted to go to Savannah College of art at this point.

By the end of 1999, I decided to post pone college and move out on my own. I didn't know that that choice would alter the future in such a dramatic way.


I didn't realize by postponing school that I would have a serious life lesson to learn. This was my first dose of reality about working outside of my mom's business and starting to give up on my art dreams. I realized very quickly that I needed money survive and that if i were to make it as an artist I needed help. I joined the Mobile Art Association and went to 1 meeting. It could have been a learning opportunity but I was petrified. I started thinking " I can just do it as a hobby. I can be a success some other way"


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