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I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. As a child I would sit for hours drawing my own characters and writing my own stories .

My mother was a portrait artist and I was always surrounded by art, art in progress, and art supplies. Art was a part of my childhood environment and was the natural course for me to follow.

That didn't stop me from delaying going to university- to move out on my own and try to make it in the world first.

Eventually I found that I needed that four year degree but I compromised my passion for utility and started studying to be a registered nurse. Before my senior year I decided that I had made a huge mistake and corrected my course.

I obtained my associates degree in art in 2007 and my Bachelors in 2010. I have been featured in several publications such as , Studio Visit, INCITE Dreams Realized,and International Contemporary Artists V. Please Email for full CV.

After a long hiatus due to serious health complications,I am back and working full steam to make up for lost time.

My work stretches far and wide. Working with many medias,  I don't feel the restriction of working within one specialty, but considers myself as eclectic as an artist, as I am as a person.

Now, I am branching out into teaching and I am excited to see where the future takes me. 

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