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Amanda Mauck is an exceptional artist with a wide range of styles and subjects. From real life sketches of portraits and animals to the odd and quirky combination of fantasy and abstract she has her own way of making a piece that would suit just about everyone’s taste. I’m proud to own some of her earlier work and am looking forward to acquiring more in the future. -Becky Gillespie

Amanda is a fine artist. She puts so much of herself into her art. She is sensitive and kind and you can really see that in her wonderful work. I recommend her highly.

-Jim Hodges

You did such an amazing job Amanda! I love everything about your Jesus drawing. You have a God given amazing talent and have inspired my husband who has his BFA degree to start drawing again.

-Nicole M.

  • How long does it take to recieve a Print?
    There's two options. If I have to have the print made, I give a window of three weeks. That gives my printer time to process the order and for me to recieve it, do touch-ups ( if needed) and sign and date it then send it on to you. The second are prints I already have on hand. I can ship out in 2-3 days. And you will likely recieve it between 5-7 days. There can be exceptions, (incliment weather, illness etc) . You will be contacted if anything On my end slows down the delivery process.
  • How much is Shipping?
    SHIPPING IS FREE in the US!** Packages going outsde the US will have standard shipping rates based on USPS. **Large Paintings May require additional Shipping fees, based on USPS standards. Anything under 16"x20" is FREE. Anything larger than 16"x20"will be estimated and the Customer will be charged based on the full or partial shipping fee.
  • What are the Return Policies?
    Due to the private and individual nature of PORTRAITS I cannot accept returns. You can Cancel a commission within 24 hours of the order. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail. However if you want to purchase shipping insurance for the package I can add that to the bill for you at USPS. If you order a print that I made as an original work, and you change your mind, you can return it within 30 days or purchase. If the artwork is returned in damaged condition you will not be refunded.
  • How long do Portrait commissions take?
    In most cases I can have one done in two weeks at the size od 14"x 17". Combine that with standard shipping of 3-5 days. In some cases I may need more time. Some portraits take a full month or more. ( See Jesus under my Commissions page) I will communicate with you closely during the process letting you know how far along it is going, etc. You have to keep in mind size makes a difference. The larger, the longer, also more people = additional time as well. All of this has to be taken on a case by case basis. The better source photos I have to go by the better and smother the process will go. Dont send low resolution images, torn images, or small images. Close ups that are crisp, color accurate, and un altered are the best!
  • How do I schedule a workshop with you?
    Online work shops can be scheduled using the form under "Main Menu"> "Shop"> "Work Shops" . Work shops will be performed through Zoom. I will send the link for the date and time that we schedule so you can be there when the time comes. I also send a materials list ahead of time. I take 1/3 payment when you schedule the workshop...this deposit is non refundable. If you change your mind about the class you can cancel and you wont be charged the other 2/3. If you keep the appointment I will send you the remainder of the bill the morning of the event. Once it is paid in full we will continue on to the class. The class can be bewteen 4-6 hours. There are short breaks intermittently and a short lunch break. This is not meant to be stressful so please schedule a time when you are alone or left alone to focus and make the the most out of the class! A guided meditation will help you relax and get into the "zone"... please feel free to light your favorite candle, have tea nearby and all your tools so you arent inclined to get up too frequently. Although i do suggest stretching occassionally.

Absolutely beautiful work. Thank you.

-Tim H.

Amanda's art is remarkable. Stunning details and realism. I purchased three drawings from her and am thrilled I have her masterpieces being proudly displayed in my home. Your passion for the arts shows. I highly recommend her if you want something done.... you won't be disappointed!!!

-Mike Tenney

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